Annual Budget 2007-08



In the following text, the ‘budgeted year’ should be taken as Year 2007-08, and the ‘previous year’ as the Year 2006-07:


Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP):

Provinces’ Shares:

Relief for Employees and Retired Employees:

Technology (including Defence):



Mega Projects:

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT):

Through REIT a new form of investment tool is being introduced for investment in capital markets which will enable small investors to reap profits from investments in real estate, which, so far, was open only to large investors.  In order to increase the use of REIT their use has been given tax concession.  For example, the profit of REIT, will be exempted from taxation up to 90%., upon distribution.  The most important tax concession for REIT is that under this scheme sellers of property will be exempted from tax up to 2010.

Amendment in Companies Ordinance, 1984:

For the benefits of shareholders, the shareholder who has 12.5% shares of any company call for an election of new Board of Directors in the next AGM.  In order to provide protection to minority shareholders, any person or persons with 20% or more shares of any company, can request SECP for special audit.

Industrial Sector: