M. A. Economics Final Subjects---------------------------University of Karachi

Final Subjects

        Macro Economics

        Development Economics

        International Economics

        Monetary Economics

        Management Economics

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Macro Economics

        Micro and macro economics

        Equilibrium, types of equilibrium...

        Harrod-Domar model

        Gross national product (GNP)

        Circular flow income (2-sector, 3-sector, 4-sector)

        Theory of employment

        Determination of national income

        Consumption function

        Investment, MEC, ...

        Multiplier and accelerator

        Trade cycles


Development Economics

        Economics of development

        Models of economic growth

        Harrod-Domar model

        Schumpeter's model of economic growth

Development Economics w.r.t. Pakistan

        Economic planning in Pakistan

        Resource mobilisation

        Foreign aid

        Private investment

        Foreign trade


International Economics

        World Trade Organisation (WTO) / Globalisation

        WTO and the developing countries


Monetary Economics

        Central banking

        Islamic banking and finance in Pakistan


Management Economics

        Pricing strategy


        Direct Marketing


        Distribution Channel



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