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"Man is born free and is everywhere in chains"

Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1788)



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Previous Subjects

o   Micro-Economics

o   Public Finance

o   Economics of Planning

o   National Income Accounting

o   Advanced Statistics

Micro Economics

·                     Theory of demand, elasticity of demand and indifference curve analysis

·                     Economic schools of thoughts

·                     François Quesnay and the Physiocrats

·                     Equilibrium, Types of equilibrium, ...

·                     Utility theory, Cardinal & Ordinal, ...

·                     Price determination under monopoly

·                     Price determination under oligopoly

·                     Game theory

·                     Price determination under monopolistic competition

·                     Price determination under perfect competition (Normal price)

·                     Theory of rent

·                     Theory of wages

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Public Finance

·                     Introduction, Pareto optimality, Social welfare…

·                     Maximisation of social welfare, Role of public finance...

·                     Budget policy

·                     Merit goods, Public finance vs. Private finance...

·                     Pakistan's Annual Fiscal Budget 2005-06

·                     Pakistan's Annual Fiscal Budget 2006-07

·                     Pakistan's Annual Fiscal Budget 2007-08

·                     Pakistan's Annual Economic Survey 2004-05

·                     Pakistan's Annual Economic Survey 2005-06

·                     Pakistan's Annual Economic Survey 2006-07

·                     Public expenditure

·                     Public revenue

·                     Equity in taxation

·                     Incidence of taxation

·                     Public debt

·                     Deficit financing

·                     Fiscal policy

·                     Fiscal policy in Pakistan

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Economics of Planning

Economic Planning with reference to Pakistan

National Income Accounting

·                     Micro and Macro Economics

·                     Statics, dynamics and comparative statics

·                     Some concepts of national income accounting

·                     National income accounts

·                     Circular flow of income (2-sector, 3-sector, 4-sector economy)

·                     Theory of employment

·                     Determination of national income

·                     Consumption function

·                     Investment

·                     Multiplier and accelerator

·                     Trade cycles

National Income Accounting in Pakistan

·                     National income accounting in Pakistan

·                     National flow of fund accounts

Description: Study Notes

Advanced Statistics

·         Introduction to statistics

·         Graphical presentation I

·         Graphical presentation II

·         Measures of central tendency I

·         Measures of central tendency II

·         Measures of dispersion

·         Measures of the shape of distribution

·         Index numbers I

·         Index numbers II

·         Probability

·         Random variable and its probability distribution

·         Sampling distribution theory I

·         Sampling distribution theory II

·         Coefficient of correlation

·         Regression

·         Trend series analysis I

·         Trend series analysis II


Final Subjects


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